Tuesday, 16 September 2014 21:40


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Without doubt, the new Land Cruiser shows a successful and modern cut. According to the designers from Toyota’s office of European style, based in Sophia Antipolis (in the South of the France), the exterior design is directly inspired by the RAV4 model.

While maintaining the attributes of previous generations, Land Cruiser shows a smoother line to seduce new clients attracted by leisure 4x4s. The vehicle is a “beast” because of its physics (especially on VX and VXE) and is based on a superb chrome grille surmounted by stylized optics of better taste. The profile is more classical, with generous wings and wheels of 17 inches (alloy from the VX finish). On the other hand, we will note the absence of roof on the French models, in order not to put the height to more than 1 m 90 (the vehicle still reaches 1 m 86), which is not interesting in some underground car parks. Finally, the back part sees its optics enhanced and always trusts the spare wheel carried in backpack; except for the VXE version, where it is installed beneath the vehicle (without loss of the ground clearance says, Toyota).