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LTC, your rental agency, cuts the prices on its range of vehicles with fares going from 28,500 VAT exluded, for the Dacia Sandero, to 80,000 VAT excluded, for the Prado TX *.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Are you in a professional or business trip? You don’t need to look for a petrol station or to queue at a carwash anymore, LTC takes care of everything for you!

You need a car for a few hours only? Why would you pay for the whole day? LTC provides you with an hourly rental rate. Now, you pay for the time that you spend driving. 1h rental rate = 5000 F CFA*.

 *This service is subject to stock availability and confirmation.

Vehicles offer

Vehicle hire is a service offered by professionals, holding leisure or commercial cars

This service allows the customer (professional or individual) to book and make use of a vehicle for a specific period of time.

About renting utility , there are car rental services in one way. That is to say that the vehicle is taken to a rental agency and makes it into another rental agency.

There is also , for some providers, rental services vehicle way for passenger cars or utilities .

Finally, there are systems hire luxury cars with drivers. These are reserved for events , transfers of employees or making available.

Week-end escape

Your week-end will never be the same with LTC

Allow yourself a break and try our WEEK-END ESCAPE service by enjoying the special week-end rate. This service gives you the opportunity to rent a car for three (3) days, going from Friday 10.00 am to Monday**.

Choose from our rich selection of vehicles, depending on your needs. Book online : 


Contact us for more information.

 ** Terms and conditions apply

VX Offer

Without doubt, the new Land Cruiser shows a successful and modern cut. According to the designers from Toyota’s office of European style, based in Sophia Antipolis (in the South of the France), the exterior design is directly inspired by the RAV4 model.

While maintaining the attributes of previous generations, Land Cruiser shows a smoother line to seduce new clients attracted by leisure 4x4s. The vehicle is a “beast” because of its physics (especially on VX and VXE) and is based on a superb chrome grille surmounted by stylized optics of better taste. The profile is more classical, with generous wings and wheels of 17 inches (alloy from the VX finish). On the other hand, we will note the absence of roof on the French models, in order not to put the height to more than 1 m 90 (the vehicle still reaches 1 m 86), which is not interesting in some underground car parks. Finally, the back part sees its optics enhanced and always trusts the spare wheel carried in backpack; except for the VXE version, where it is installed beneath the vehicle (without loss of the ground clearance says, Toyota).

Paiement électronique

Dans le souci d’améliorer la qualité de notre service, nous avons souhaité vous offrir un moyen de paiement plus rapide et sécurisé

LTC a le plaisir de vous annoncer que depuis le 14 avril 2015, vous pouvez désormais régler toutes vos prestations avec une Carte VISA.

Par ailleurs, nous vous assurons qu’avec la vision de l’entreprise, nous nous investissons dès maintenant dans l’amélioration de ce service en cherchant à concilier ce nouveau système de paiement à d’autres types de cartes (MasterCard, American Express JCB).

A bientôt chez LTC

Dacia offer


Enjoy this week with 10% discount on Dacia Sandero. An ideal city car for short trips.

The Dacia Sandero asserts itself as a modern attractive design car, evoking both dynamism and robustness with a particular care given to the front, which is distinguished by very expressive optics. The drawing on the side, formed as a "reverse wave", reinforces the notion of robustness. The style adopted at the back confirms its impression of habitability and agility.


Dacia Offer

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