Citizen Company

On May 20, 2013, LTC became the first Gabonese business partner of Transport Ministry of Transport in Gabon through a partnership signed with the General Directorate of Traffic Safety.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Gabon transport, Gabon has recorded more than 23,000 accidents in 10 years and every day in road accidents more victims are registered and marred several families.

Through an awareness campaign focused on the theme: "DRINKING AND DRIVING", both partners are mobilizing to a greater awareness of everyone on the rules of road safety.

Finally, by this action, LTC cautions that rent from LTC is also different rules of respect traffic laws including:

  • Attach the seat belt
  • Do not drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel
  • Observe speed limits
  • Slow down near schools
  • Yield to pedestrians involved
  • Meet priorities
  • Do not phone while driving

Participation in the IST job fair

The purpose of this event is to build students about the realities of the business world. Every business forum runs a stand and present to the public the best possible way. LTC doesn't remain on the sidelines of this. Along with the students, it was an opportunity for the young structure, to raise awareness and share experience of entrepreneurship with these young eager for knowledge.