The company


Created in 2006, LTC provides an intercity public transit service. Due to high demand, it refocused its activity in the car rental for short and long period.

LTC has a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from the small town car to the luxury 4x4s. It also extends its services to the rental of vehicles with drivers and to airport assistance.

LTC has become a key player in Libreville due to its strategic geographical location, at the heart of the city. In addition, a young and dynamic team, supervised by Mr Willy Conrad ASSEKO, accompanies you in all your future projects.


This aspect can be observed in several SMEs: Gabonese’s SMEs deal with bigger ones, installed for a long time and which know pretty well how the business works.

In order to obtain competitive advantages, they must meet the needs and expectations of prospects not yet conquered by bigger companies or those who are simply looking for innovation.

Certainly, the ultimate goal is to a build brand image for the customers (current and potential) to be satisfied and faithful. Similarly, customer satisfaction has been more than ever the focus of business and will result in a customized relationship management of customers: understand customers and their expectations, retain them and encourage them to consume more.