A few tips

  • In a straight and flat position, if you feel that your direction pulls to the right or to the left, you may have a tire trying to deflate (slow puncture). Stop as soon as possible to check, and if necessary, change the wheel.
  • Beware of children on the edge of a road, even (and especially) if they are held by the hand. Systematically make a distance and, if necessary, slow down.
  • Pay attention to the ball that crosses the road, there is always a child who follows!
  • About the trucks, don't expect that they have the same reactions than a car. In particular, do not attempt to pass him by force, he will not be able to stop!
  • On a country road, do not hesitate to take a look at the fields on the right and left side of the road before you. Perhaps, you could see the animal that will cut you off the road.
  • When you pass near a car accident, slow down to avoid the dangers, not to watch the (sad) show!
  • If you need to brake in emergency, try to take a look in your rearview mirror. If the vehicle that follows you is too much close, try replacing the braking by an avoidance procedure (not always easy).
  • Pay attention to dead leaves on the road. A carpet of leaves, especially wet (and they are often wet below), is as slippery as a plate of ice!