Institut Supérieur de Technologie/IST (Higher Institute of Technology)

A word from the IST’s Head of the unit in charge of relationships with the economic operators.

Founded in 1994, the Institut Supérieur de Technologie (Higher Institute of Technology) is a professional school placed under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Ever since then, IST maintains relationships with different economic operators in order to accomplish his primary mission: make available operational graduates in the professional environment, able to postulate as middle managers.

IST provides its academic courses in initial and continuing training. For 20 years, IST has prepared his students for Higher National Diploma and Bachelor’s degree. Besides, if IST occupies a prominent place in the Gabonese University landscape, it is due to the active presence of the economic operators at all stages of the academic year: in the jury of student recruitment, in the teachings where many professionals intervene, in internships or tutored projects, and in defense boards. Our learners are at least 12 weeks of defense in their curriculum.

The unit in charge of relationships with the economic operators is very functional in the organizational structure of IST, as its mission is to collaborate with the economic operators. It deals actually with everything related to ad hoc field activities during the academic year (inventories, operations business schools, surveys), tutored projects and end-of-course internships.

The unit strives to bring economic operators and graduates together as part of their professional integration. It manages and updates economic operators’ data, as well as IST’s graduates’. In addition, the unit takes note of the economic operators’ expectations and provides a technological watch on the employment market evolution. The activities of the unit are based on the permanent contact between students and professionals.

The partnership agreement between Les Transports Citadins (LTC) and the Institut Supérieur de Technologie (the Higher Institute of Technology) dates for several years. It aims at providing end-of-course internships to and monitoring of students in Business Administration and Marketing.

Those work placements are aligned to the national teaching program or oriented towards the student’s educational project. They are intended to complete the theoretical training of IST. In the same vein, their interest is to enable students to become familiar with the business environment.

Mr. Willy Conrad ASSEKO, Les Transports Citadins’ CEO accompanies us each year in the training of our students, particularly in recruiting some of them during their probationary period. LTC enables them to better discover the professional world. Institut Supérieur de Technologie (Higher Institute of technology) is really grateful and congratulates him for this type of partnership.

A way before the internship period and as requested by Mr Willy Conrad ASSEKO, IST sends from five to six CVs of the best students in the field in which LTC offers places. The latter are then summoned for an interview and the students who respond best to their criteria are selected. This year again, LTC has remained faithful to its agreement: three of our students are doing their training course in the company. Moreover, at the end of the training course, the best students get hired. Since this partnership, statistics of professional insertion are quite eloquent. The economic operators-IST partnership allows our students to discover the realities and challenges of the business environment. The most direct consequence is the rate of professional integration after completing their studies, which is close to 70%.

We express our gratitude to Mr. Willy Conrad ASSEKO, Les Transports Citadins’ CEO, for its commitment to the integration of our graduates.