Our team

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    Graduate of the Institute of Social Economics Science of Libreville. She’s an expert in accounting and financial management. Married and housewife, Ginette registers more than 5 years of professional experience. As a Branch Manager, she manages all the commercial and financial activities of the company under the Chief Executive Officer’s coordination. Beyond her accounting role, she’s also in charge of the management of human resources and customer/supplier’s relationships.
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    EYEANG ESSO Andréa Lise

    Graduated from the Institute of Technology specialized in Business Management and Administration as well as in Logistics and Transport Management. Andréa is responsible for the commercial part of finding strategies in order to satisfy and retain customers. Her knowledge and experience gained during her internship at LTC enables her to be aware of customer’s needs.
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    MPAMI Cédric

    Passionate of vehicles and communication, Cédric totals more than 3 years of experience in the commercial field. His market knowledge and needs of LTC clients enable him to effectively meet their demands. He also designs, LTC’s advertising campaigns and organizes media relations.
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    MEFANE Fabrice Feeld

    A graduate of Montgomery College in the United States of America in International Business. Fabrice totals more than 7 years of professional experience in the US and Gabon. Beyond his administrative and accounting tasks, he’s in charge of the customer portfolio managment.
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    ASSEKO ONDO Yannick

    Graduate of Economics, option Business Development and Creation at the Omar Bongo University in Libreville. Passionate about the automotive world, Yannick started his career in the car rental industry one year ago. His knowledge and experience have allowed him to develop several entrepreneurial technics towards customers’ satisfaction and loyalty; in order to improve the positioning of the company on the market.
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    ZOUA ONDO Dora Mélanie

    Graduated from the French American Academy Libreville Management. She’s responsible for the technical and administrative maintenance of the fleet. Her theoretical knowledge and experience in Logistics acquired during her studies and end of cycle internship at LTC, enabled her to design dashboards for a better monitoring of the fleet.
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